Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Update from Oscar Kimani

Hello There!!
I am doing well, though time here is flying!
We thank God for our progress as a country, we are no longer fighting, we are building the country. Tourism is picking up again and I have resumed working on the tourism project with a deadline of having the information available by the end of the month. Transtech is doing well, too, we have hired new employees and we are mapping out our growth strategy.

After the exposure through the Kenya Stories website and Carol's CNN interview, I was contracted by a a new client in London. We are to start building his website for his company next week. We have talked and agreed on terms. Thanks a lot for your support!

More later!

Oscar Kimani

Business Development
UniqueAfrica Destinations Management
P.O box 25262-00100
NrbTel:+254 20 2040 198Cell:+254 723 891 015
"Africa's best places to be see and stay"

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Jirma said...

thats very good.i've seen your website but i think you need to make it real i.e if you want to get more on conservation there is nothing