Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Good news from Wafula


I am working hard building my dairy business in Bungoma. My processing house is currently under construction but nearing completion. I have made contact with various small scale dairy farmers in the the area that supply me with fresh milk. I also have made contact with a local financial institution for funding US$ 7000. The major upcoming event is the installation of processing equipment. Have a good day. Regards to all,


Monday, May 19, 2008

Another new business launched

Even with challenges of the 2007 post-election unrest, I am now happy to announce that I have started my business. Vimeta Intergrated Production deals with sunflower oil processing and honey production. I was inspired to start this business after realising that Kenya had a market for naturally produced health products. My business offers natural sunflower oil and virgin pure honey with no chemicals in it. The by-products produced from my sunflower processing and beehives are used and sold, as well. Seed cake is consumed by animals and wax is used in the leather industry. I have networked with Soya Tech Company in America who provides me with information about seed oil production, machines used in production, product development and any new inventions in the industry. I look forward hearing from you.

Your faithful,

Vincent Atitwa, Kakamega Chora Bizna participant