Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spreading the word

It is so thrilling to see our network of support for these entrepreneurs grow. Today I received an email from a friend who said her company had blogged about Kenya Stories: Thanks Investor Centric!

This was such a heartwarming post, and it reminded me about the kind of networking support we can give just by sharing the story we care about with our friends. Pass it on.


Kenya Stories said...

This was also blogged about by African Path: and by their Cheetah Index

CarpeDiem said...

I feel so great with your stories and will like to return later.

I am making a lot of Marketing Webpages for several products and investment. I will like to make links to your webpage.
I will have a lot of visitors soon.

We are a group of danish people who earn great money from very small investments and soon we will be able to do investments for several of you, when we know how to pay you.
Me and some friends will like to support you with investments later this year. You can contact me with a little information about you, your need in US$ and how to pay you to my mail

You are welcome to keep inform me.....

Good Luck
My best wishes