Wednesday, March 12, 2008

From Herman Wambugu

A message from one of the 100 entrepreneurs, Herman Wambugu (Pipex Industries):

I'd like to thank you for your incredible support through the website which is really empowering us and supporting our efforts. Through your support am now proud to inform you of my admission to the Global Leadership Institute at the University of Colorado at Boulder for a one month programme similar to the one at Brackenhurst but at an international level. Participants of this prestigious programme will have an opportunity to apply for US$50,000 in grants to implement their projects. I have already secured a scholarship of US$2,100 for the programme from the institute. What remains is US$1,300 plus travel expenses. This is my greatest opportunity to implement my project which has taken my entire life to get here.
Yours Faithfully,
Herman Wambugu.


Paul Ngugi said...

Dear world,
Its good to see how globelization is rumping us up as one tiny ball.Am sure the fire of YOUTH and ENTERPRISE is not only burning here in Kenya but eveywhere else.The youth entreprises are eating up the tradational ,old entrenched enterprises.Bioplast is growing and our eyes are still on the ball and we are using everyday leasons to build a walking enterprise.I need to feel what the youth in the developed nations are doing.

Kenya Stories said...

An update from Herman Wambugu:

I'd like to encourage investors to invest in our businesses as much as possible. Currently I have so far recieved more than 12 inquiries on my products from various countries such as China, India, Mexico and some European countries. There is a lot of potential and investors are encouraged to invest. So far we have invested in several machines and equipment and are seeking more investment. As for the scholarship at the University of Colorado at Boulder my attendance is uncertain since this requires an additional $4,000 in funds. Nevertheless progress is good and more support for our businesses will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,